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For The Parents

Parents of AVID students love the program just as much as their students, enjoying the sight of seeing their child become academically independent and acccountable

Receiving Updates

AVID instructors send out information constantly to both parents and students. To access this, check your inbox or your student's Remind account (if applicable). Students are also responsible for relaying important messages to you when necessary.

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Supply List

Good quality 3-ring binder:  2", 2.5", or 3"

  • 6-8 colored tab subject dividers (2 per class)

    • 1 for notes​/classwork

    • 1 for HW

  • Zipper pouch to store supplies​

    • 2+ pens

    • 2+ pencils

    • 2+ highlighters

  • Notebook paper (can be in a spiral notebook as long as attached into 3 rings)​

  • Planner

  • Tutorial Request Forms (TRFs)

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